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Welcome to Splashminer

Splashminer is a platform that facilitates the solid miners community to do an autonomous 24/7 mining the splashcoin, #1 Indonesian best cryptocurrency.

Let's see how SPLASHMINER works...

Every miner will has a
personalized wallet dashboard

After You officially become the miner, this dashboard will be your access to fully control of your balance in the wallet. Each time You top up the balance, will be converted into splashcoin.

Non Stop 24/7 Autonomous Mining

Your splashcoin will become the fuel for the autonomous mining machine, running the Proof of Stake (POS) algorithm in the super secure environment.
Wondering about what you need to do as a miner? Nothing! Our experienced team will take care all the stuffs done.

Your splashcoin is growing everyday

The mining process will resulting extra new splashcoins each day.
Need to redeem or trading your mining result? Don't worry! You can do it anytime you want.

Never lost your opportunity!
The sooner you start, the better your result.

Let's see what the community members say about splashminer

It's never this easy doing cryptocurrency mining. Splashminer teams take care everyhing. All I know is my balance growing everyday. Thank you ...

Chelsea Islan, 27, Actress

This is exactly what I need! As an actor, I have no time maintaining my asset, and splashminer comes with an offer I can refuse.

Iko Uwais, 35, Actor

My life is full of jokes, join splashminer the most serious decision I ever make in my life, and I will never regret this decision.

Bintang Emon, 22, Standup Comedian.

Splashcoin is currently listed in the world's leading crytoasset trading platform.

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